Europe is the perfect professional incubator for cultural and creative quality. Experience living and learning in different cultures and societies for future professional excellence in an international context.

According to Culture Times: The First Global Map of Cultural and Creative Industries, the Cultural and Creative Sector brings the European Union an annual revenue of €535 billion and, as the third largest employment sector in Europe, employ more than 7 million people, 19% of which are under the age of 30. As the New Media Consortium stated in their Horizon Report – 2016 Museum Edition, academic and non-academic stakeholders in the European Union and beyond need to hire individuals who understand a variety of digital tools, and that bring expertise to cultural heritage institutions from areas outside of their traditional purview. The Media Arts Cultures programme is directly involved in maintaining Europe as “pioneer in the disruptive cultural and digital revolution.”

The Cultural and Creative Sector profits from MediaAC’s constant exchange with non-academic stakeholders and response to the demand for a synthesis of critical humanistic thinking, experience design, and creative use of technology offering students the skills to bridge the isolation of media arts and digital culture from non-digital culture. The array of skills and competencies best  obtained in Europe makes graduates highly competitive in the international job markets in Europe, US, Asia, as well as the rest of the world. Europe is the perfect cultural and creative professional incubator, as exemplified in the UNESCO Global Report from 2018  Re/Shaping Cultural Policies. As cultural critical thinkers across the globe from emerging and developed countries search the international higher education landscape, they will find MediaAC founded on the ideals so often associated with creative Europe as a place of cultural and creative quality.