Joint excellence enables diverse learning contents and contexts through intellectual exchange within the Higher Education and Associated Partners’ research and teaching strategies.

The European integration process and the enlargement of the EU, that are working to create a borderless economic and political union in Europe active on the world stage, support Joint Masters programs as an opportunity for students to experience multiple intellectual and cultural settings across Europe and European Partner Countries.

Media Arts are a significant cultural development and resource in Europe, allowing students excellent access one of the most influential creative and cultural sector regions on the globe.

MediaAC is is founded in the complementary expertise of the five consortium members and the long-lasting cooperation between their academic staff in specialty areas. The curricular structure is the result of a close-consultation process between all consortium players, including academic, organisational staff and the MediaAC Network. A deeply integrated jointness between the Partners, and their research and practice strengths, ensures the joint delivery of excellent academic content. The combined innovative teaching approaches and learning methods guarantees academic excellence of the students by best preparing them to take leading roles in the academic and non-academic future research, science, and innovation of Media Art. MediaAC is commited to student efficacy, international mobility and networking with stakeholders by fine-tuning details of student guidance and specialization. In an approach of student-centred teaching and learning, a combination of set core modules and educational specialization ensures the excellence of the programme by making it more adaptable and flexible, and thereby stimulating the students to excel academically by supporting their individual career aims and employability.