All eligible applications to MediaAC are reviewed by Consortium members. Applicants are reviewed equally for access to admission to the program. Assessing: academic quality, motivation, experience and potential, skills in english and content relevant to the course.

  • the applicant’s academic quality, as judged primarily from the results of prior university studies and submitted documents. 
  • the applicant’s motivation and justification of the application in relation to prior studies, work experience (if applicable) and future career plans towards the aims of Media Arts Cultures, as judged from the CV in combination with the letter of motivation, essay and example of work. 
  • the applicant’s skills related directly to Media Arts Cultures, judged from the results of prior studies and submitted documents. 
  • the applicant’s English language skills, judged from the certificate provided.

The scores from the review will form a ranked list of applications which will be used for student selection by the MediaAC Admission Board. In the event that two or more applications on this ranked list show the same score the Admission Board will decide on their ranking.

We also would like to inform all applicants who submit eligible documents by the given deadline on your right to appeal. The purpose of this appeal is to verify that our rules of procedure have been applied correctly and that no error has been made while processing your application. You are therefore asked to state a reason why you think our rules of procedure have NOT been applied correctly in your case. The appeal must be provided within 14 days after a rejection letter has been send to you. An appeal has to be in written form (signed paper letter) and has to be addressed by registered mail to:

MediaAC Secretariat
University for Continuing Education Krems

Center for Image Science (CIS)
Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30
3500 Krems