Participation Costs

The participation costs/tuition fees for the whole study period of four semesters are:

~~ 16,000 Euro (for Partner Country applicants)
~~  9 000 Euro (for EU Programme Country applicants*)

*EU or EEA citizenship is necessary to be eligible for the EU Programme Country participation fee.

What is included in participation fees?

The participation costs/tuition fees include participation in all classes offered within the MediaAC curriculum; support in administrative and organisational issues by the consortium partners; costs for enrolment at the consortium partner’s institutions; all examinations and issuing of the final diploma.

What is not included in the participation fees?

The participation costs/tuition fees do not cover travel costs from country of origin, travel costs required for the mobilities, travel documents (passport, visas), accommodation and living expenses, or other costs (e.g. study books, stationery, photocopies, etc.).

It is estimated that students will need between 500-1000€ per month living expenses for the 24 month duration of their studies.

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Estimated Participation and Living Costs for MediaAC 2022- 2024

Augmenting your income by working while studying

Media Arts Cultures is a full-time masters program that will require serious studies of 1500 to 1800 work per academic year, thus it is suggested to work no more than marginally. It is also difficult to find local part-time work without a command of the local language during studies.

last updated 31.March,2022