The emergent joint master degree has its first alumni in impressive positions and paving their individual paths both in Europe and internationally. From freelance curating and arts festival management, to project officers of local & international cultural projects. From art & science projects to research at the phd level, MediaAC graduates make a strong entrance into the global scene.


MD Saiful Alam Chowdhury
Country: Bangladesh
Master thesis: Mediatization of Culture in Developing Country
T Y Jasper Fung
Country: Hong Kong
Master thesis: Live Electronics: Sounding (of) the coil
Olga Lukyanova
Country: Russian Federation
Seda Shekoyan
Country: Armenia
Master thesis: The Conversations: When Talks Become Curatorial Knowledge
Natalia Dabrowska
Country: Poland
Master thesis: Public policies for the video games industry with special focus on support available in Poland
Lia Carreira
Country: Brazil
Master thesis: Experimental Curating in times of the Perpetual Beta: strategies and platforms for online-based art
Samik Kharel
Country: Nepal
Master thesis: Politics of Manipulated Images
Nada Bakr
Country: Egypt
Hua-Chun Fan
Country: Taiwan
Master thesis: How do digital technologies affect the aesthetics of Japanese calligraphy art and culture?
Xue Yu
Country: China
Master thesis: Social Interaction and Cultural Production in Participating Danmu: A case study of Bilibili video sharing website
Asim Hameed
Country: Pakistan
Master thesis: Virtuality to Virtualization: A Case for the Affective Body in the Development of Virtual Reality Systems
Ping-Yi Chen
Country: Taiwan
Master thesis: What future for minorities: speculative design and media arts in East Asia
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